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Is black smoke due to restrictive exhaust manifold?

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First post on here, and I dont like jumping in just for info. So here is a bit of background.
I was working in Bougainville as a Stock Inspector back in the 70,s when I found this Forward Control Land Rover down the bottom end near Buin.
My wife and I rescued it for a slab of SP beer and towed it back to Kieta on an A frame behind my old diesel wagon.

We got the 6 cyl going and used it for work then when I finished my contract in 1980 we took it to NZ. NZ did not work out so we moved to the Sunshine Coast in Qld
Australia. There I fitted a Perkins 6-247 and used it towing a skidsteer on a semi trailer.
In the 90,s I gave it a refit with a 4BD1 and an LT95 gearbox. I also fitted Salisbury axles front and back with Maxidrive difflocks. and a camper back.

Tried for pics but I cant on first post. So more later.
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You need to confirm you are getting boost compressor/turbine wheels spinning is common however if the gate is open or opens too early you will not get any boost to burn that extra fuel.

As enrichment goes anyone who would reply would need to know what IP you have in order to answer that question.
1 - 2 of 49 Posts