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Hi All,
I'm a brand new member but I've been researching a swap on this site for years. I've been keeping an eye out and finally found a 4BT engine that I bought sight-unseen, without any time for research. I got it for basically scrap value and the more I dig into it, the more I feel I may have won the 4BT lottery. It's an industrial engine, which I realize is sometimes a red flag; but it was the powerplant in a giant mobile gantry crane, controlled with a throttle, which I think may have led them to produce it to basically a road-spec. It has less than 2,000 hours on it and was serviced regularly. I've started the engine and it runs and sounds great. After i got it home I checked into the actual part numbers and got info from Quickserve and I've got the following information out if it-
ESN46201894 CPL# 1963. Build date is April 2002, it's got a P3000 pump (looks like the P7000 pump but is industrial and less common) but is rated at 130 hp and has the RQV road governor. Turbo is the HX30W and it has the water jacket aftercooler with the air intake heater which also seems to be uncommon. Oil pan is rear sump.
My plan is to put it into my 1946 Chevy 3/4 ton which can handle the engine weight, as well as the tall engine bay to accommodate the aftercooler and the up-turned turbo. It also has a very beefy 1 ton rear diff. I also picked up an NV5600 6-speed (way bigger than I need, I know, but 6 speeds are cool and the NV4500 is basically a myth in these parts) from an '02 2WD Dodge 24v complete with engine adapter, flywheel, starter, clutch, and driveshaft.
My problem is I'm usually a huge skeptic but the only potential downside I see so far is potential steering box interference with the driver's side starter on the NV transmission, and the turbo exhausts to the front so it'll need some fancy routing or a different / flipped manifold. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop... what am I missing? Did I really luck out on this engine?
Here's some pictures, thanks in advance for your advice....
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