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Izuzu timing advancement

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Just an update. I put my solid timing advancement gear on my injection pump.So far I should have done that long ago. I took the timing springs etc out of the advance and welded it solid. EGTs are higher.I couldn’t get the timing perfect without pulling the pump and jumping a tooth. The pump is turned away from the engine as far as it can go mostly in its slots.I was using a timing light to tell where I was at. The turbo lag is less and turbo almost lights up instantly.You do have to consider I have a 50mm custom hx30 turbo with 37pounds of boost,and 30% over injectors . I will give u an update if my mpg’s go down..
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All of those results show your timing is now more retarded.
Higher EGT.
Faster turbo spool.
Worse fuel economy will follow.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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