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Hello all,
So i know this isn't the ideal build thread seeing that i have completed it almost a year ago, but i feel i have knowledge now that i can share with others, so i will do a write up. Currently i have the 4bt in my jeep yj with the ax-15 np231 and dana 35 rear, dana 30 front. I am more than happy to discuss and include pictures of certain aspects of the swap. I see that as the best way of going about this. When i get out of school this summer, i will be putting a zf5 and BW t case, that i got over spring break, and the 8.8 rear in, so i will do a write up as i do those. My plan is do beef up the driveline, then performance, then improve the looks :D (as money and time allows me). So any questions are certainly welcome!

Pictures can be found here - Power/

First few starts -
First action video-
Walkaround -
Cold? start 30*F-
Cold start 16*F-
Stack for fun drive around :) -
Playing in the snow :) -
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