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I have a few questions,there are alot of 3.9 that I have looked at that have there Id tags gone from the front cover??


1.Some of the rebuild parts ask what CPL # you have,if gone what do you do?
2.I do know that some info can be taken off the id # from the pump.
3. Is there any numbers on the block to check the numbers with Cummins to get a replacment tag?
4. Do you even worry about this and go on?

anybody have any thoughts about this???


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The engine serial number is located on the rear of the block just below the cyl head. If you see one that has XXXXXX over the numbers and has a new number below it it means you have a remanufacturerd engine. My local Cummins parts supplier no longer wants the CPL number but now wants the serial number. I am somewhat hesitant about buying an engine without the tag. It could be a trade in core that someone transferred the tag to the replacement engine or in a worst case senerio it could be a stolen engine from an industrial engine piece of equipment such as an irrigation pump or a remote generator. In some cases the tag may have vibrated off but that isnt really a common occurence. Amazing how a freshly painted core engine resembles a nice newly reman engine.
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