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I have a Volvo intercooler that I'm planning on putting in my Jeep. I had been looking at larger intercoolers (from Dodge CTD, Ford or Chevy diesels) and I was wondering how much turbo lag a larger intercooler would cause. I was thinking that since the tanks are not much larger than the Volvo's, and since the internal volume of the finned heat-exchanger area is not very large, the overall internal volume difference between a volvo intercooler and a bigger Dodge/Ford/GM truck intercooler may not be as large as we always thought.
At this point I'm tempted to sell my volvo IC and get a larger one. What does the board sayeth?

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Turbo lag isn't much of an issue for us. Most of us aren't doing 1/4 mile sprints and worried about 0.1 seconds.

The intercooler is already filled with air, the steady state spool up rpm won't change, the time it takes for your turbo to compress that air is tiny compared to the flow it's capable of.
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