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Ok here goes
Most factory engine trans combinations use 3 mounts . Even with the transfer case hanging out in the back . If I wanted to use 2 mounts on the trannie spaced closer to the frame what effect would this have on vibration ? The center lines on the engine mounts would be closer to that of the trannie mounts,would this increase vibration or decrease it ?

Second question - some old transfer cases came with a rubber mount of their own. Would this increase or decrease the chances of twisting the end of the transmission off when running a doubler ? I know of a couple of folks who have twisted the case end off their turbo 350 trans when running a doubler . A crossmember that tied the trans to the transfer case and prevented the transfer case from applying force to the transmission might work . But I am trying to keep the vibration down while engineering my mounts . I am not sure if running the stock 3 mounts and no transfer case mount or adding one to the outside of the transfer case is preferable.
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