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Has anyone used an Allison MT643 or like transmission in a light truck? How did you like it?
In medium duty trucks they seem to always want to run up to the governed rpm and be eager to downshift.
Maybe by playing with the throttle cable it can be made a little different, i.e. the cable slacks until 1/2 throttle so at light throttle it will upshift at low rpm's.

I'm putting mine in a relatively light project truck, a 1929 Ford model AA 1.5 ton truck
My engine is a big Deutz V12, twin turbo, 1200 ft/lbs of torque, 430 HP

The rating of the engine is 2x that of the transmission, but then again the truck is half the size of what the transmission is made for.
If I look at the size of this transmission, and scale it to a Ford E4OD, I would say it should be able to handle the engine just fine being that it's in such a light truck. I heard of MT643 type transmissions being used behind big cummins in garbage trucks and lasted about a year, so it's just a lifetime issue. One year in a garbage truck will be the equivalent of a lifetime for me.

So far I think I should be more concerned about my dana 60 rear than about the transmission.
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