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I'm checking into a 4BT on-line and the guy selling the engine has it classified as a "CUMMINS 4BT AA 3.9 130 HP @ 2300 RPM TURBOCHARGED". I've looked around for a while, but have never seen the "AA" classification...only the singe "A" = 4BTA. Any ideas about what he's got there, or did he just happen to tap the A-button one too many times?

Also, I'm looking to drop this into a 1970 IH Scout 800A and I've gotten a lot of feedback on how others have done their conversions...thanks! I've seen a lot of guys opting for the NV4500 and quite a few going with the T-19. Any thoughts/suggestions on one over the other? I understand that I can link up the T-19 directly to my factory Dana 20 t-case with a little help from an adapter kit, so what would be the advantage of switching everything out to GM specs and buying a whole new t-case?...other than getting a 5th gear?

I'm not looking to do a lot of rock crawling with this set-up...I live in Delaware, so it's not much of an option since the highest point is only a few feet above sea level. I really just need it for highway driving and to get me out on the beach and back.

Sorry for the long post, but thanks in advance for your help and patience.

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