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Hi everyone! I’m in the early stages of a new project. I just picked up a 1980 CJ-7. It’s been in my bosses family since new. It’s been a summertime beach vehicle all it’s life. And while it’s been garaged all it’s life and not driven in the winter, everything is tired and worn out. They’ve maintained it pretty well, but aren’t interested in the full restoration it’s going to need.

So it went home with me.

I’m planning something a little different. It needs a frame, so I’m going to put a hybrid CJ-8 frame under it and turn it into a four door.

The in-line six is leaving and I’d like to put a 4bt in its place.

This won’t be a trail buggy, but more my idea of what the current 4 door Wrangler would look like if they introduced it in 1980. It will be my wife’s daily driver so it will need to be better on road than off

Looking forward to reading through what’s already been discussed.
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