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I have a hydro boost set up with master cylinder and firewall bracket from a p30. This is the type that sits straight out from the firewall like on pickups, not the 90 degree bent to the side type.

I bought it off ebay and it doesn't look like I'll ever use it with my current configuration (got the vac pump instead). Its been reconditioned (it was a new reman) and has never been installed. It was overstock from a company that had a fleet. I talked directly to the head mechanic and he said it was a new reman unit. Its nice and shiny so I believes him LOL.

Anyway I won the auction and I paid roughly $100 for it + shipping.

If anyone wants it I'll let it go for $70 + shipping. If the shipping is cheap enough I might even cover that too.

If you want more inf/pics shoot me an EMAIL through my profile, not a private message as I don't check this site everyday.

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