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Hiya, now that I actually have a 4bt, I can be more of a participator instead of a lurker!

I've plenty of projects going on, just need more hours in the day!

94 F250 7.3 IDI, soon to be hypermax turbo'd
85 F350 6.9 Banks turbo 4x4 UGLY!!!!!
85 F250, waiting for a 7.3 with an ATS turbo or 4bt? haven't decided yet
81 Jeep Scrambler, spring over chevy axles, 4bt/nv4500/d300 candidate?
83 Merc 300sd
81 Merc 300d turbo

and lots of nissan/datsun Z cars from a 240Z to an 88 300zx turbo Shiro!

But if you are around the Wichita area, give me a shout if you need a hand

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