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If you can get him to charge the batteries during the week that would help you when you get there. fresh fuel filter or take off the one on there and drain it and refill it with fuel and make sure there's fuel in the tank. make sure to prime the injection pump to get fuel to it. if the injection pump has air in it then you might / probably need to bleed the lines to the nozzles / injectors. you will have to loosen the injection line nut on the injector to get fuel out of it then tighten the line and do the next either if it starts or when cranking.

as for the electrical drain you might take a quick look at the electric fan wiring and like previously said pull the fuses and do like said. when you get it running make sure to check the voltage to make sure its charging. if it is then you should be good once its running.

get a few things at the parts store for the journey oil, water coolant trans fluid new fuel filter and you might be good for the trip. safe travels.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts