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on these diesels

im looking at installing some kind of four banger diesel into a 63 wagoneer.
i have a few 8.3s in my tractors, how are these 4bt related if at all?

were can i find all the specs on these engines and more importantly, where do i find one for sale?

looks like you folks know and enjoy what your doing! i also like to see all the jeeps here, i also have quite the collection, with the wagoneer wanting the diesel sitting on 3/4 ton fc-170 axles. the rest of the drivetrain is stock. poor old girl is quite original and in pretty good shape. if i can find myself a motor ill post some pics when i grenade the gutless 230 tornado.

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they are about 105 hp. They are 4 cyl but are nearly 4.0 (they are 3.9) so nearly a liter per cyl. aka huge, but not as big as the Dodges. They are the B series engine, aka the 6BT in Dodges, but minus two cyls. This makes them deep. Aka you will probably need significant lift to run one. I haven't seen one in a wagoneer yet. But anything's possible... They make significant torque, you will probably need to beef up your drivetrain I figure...
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