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Correct, thats a "Silver" 453T cast aluminum valve cover, added to a pre-Silver ...affectionately referred to as "green"... 453T engine, with its necessary rocker mounting brackets of course. It also appears to be (currently) configured for industrial application. Could be the head was changed and the cover came along with it. These things are over 30 years old now, so weve come to expect all sorts of creative concoctions.

..and its my understanding Jakes still dont fit under these taller appearing (353/453) cast Aluminum rocker covers, and the cast iron Jake rocker cover spacers only fit the stamped steel covers with perimeter mounting screws. Folks get around this by cutting two steel or aluminum valve covers apart and rewelding to get the required height ..without the unobtainium Jake spacers. All this is open to correction by better experienced members, as always :)
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