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NEODAN .. Can you explain that Sticky note . Statement ...I have to admit, But I've been here for a long time .
& I was caught off guard about the stickys. & I believe I started building my Bronco into a Diesel Bronco about 12 years ago. & Yes I've never read one of them. Now I did work for the biggest Diesel Dodge 12v dealership for 11 years . & I HAVE FARMED with Diesels since 1974.. SO This sight really helped me when I decided to put the little 4BT into my 1972 Bronco .. & I've had a Parts store from 1974 until 1995 . At one time I farmed 500 more ac away from my home harm of 143ac. SO I'VE Mechaniced on lots of different tractors, Machinery, trucks, cars, Old Hot Rods . & I was the Du POINT paint & Body supply parts in our town of 20K . & ABOUT THE ONLY ONE IN A 40 mile radius. & I SOLD CAR & TRUCK & Tractor PARTS ALSO ... I'm not a Rookie .. But I'm also not a computer wiz. & I just plain & simple miss a lot on these computer sights ..
....... I did better on here before it was sold out & Changed, but I've worked my way back ... I thought..
Thanks .
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