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I've got a 130HP 4BTA on the way and I'm trying to get my transmission needs covered and on the way.
I'm going with a Dodge NV4500
The engine is being supplied with the SAE 3 back which includes bellhousing adapter/flywheel/starter.

I've located a 2003 Dodge NV4500 trans with 50K miles. 6 month unlimited mile warranty.
Package includes.
4x4 transmission
bellhousing adapter
core charge
total $1850

I'm looking at a South Bend clutch, going with the rally model:
looks like it cost about $375
Still need a flywheel and clutch hydraulics. Not sure what is coming with the transmission till I get it.
I've budgeted $2500 for everything and I don't want to go over, but I need to get this rolling ASAP.

Are these prices in line?

Am I going to get killed by the hydaulics?

Too much clutch?

This bellhousing clear my side mounted turbo?

Anything else?

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Shane sorry I never got you the info on the 4BT... Hydraulics are not too bad IMO.. You can retrofit the Dodge stuff to whatever truck it is. If you need more throw, place it lower on the firewall. You will have to find a NV4500 Dodge truck and measure the throw of the pedal if you want to use Dodge hydraulics to make sure you have it right...

It all sounds good to me.. Remember that Dodge flywheel housing is large and you might have to go with a high or chopped 6BT mount or one of Mooktank's headers...


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South Bend Clutches have great reputation. I paid $220 a couple years ago for a genuine factory LUK clutch that of course worked great.

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I am 90% sure your combination will work. Dieselcruserhead can verify a bit better than I can. Most wrecking yards have a "Hollander Interchange" book that gives EXACT interchanges. The downside for example is if you have flywheel with 5/16" clutch mounting bolts and there is one that is identical except it has 3/8" clutch mounting bolts Hollander considers it as not interchangeable.

Just a bit of money saving advice from wrecking yard experiences. You will always get a better price when you buy a complete change over assembly rather than piece mealing it together from multiple sources. I have not only bought from wrecking yards but have worked and part time ran one when the owners were out of town. You always have a bit more bargaining power when you are buying one big dollar item at one location than a couple of small dollar items at various locations.

And of course, prices vary in different parts of the country.

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I don't want to hijack roverhybrids thread, but this seems like a good place to ask a quick question:
I apologize if this is inappropriate.

I am from PA. I am also looking for a complete changeover assembly containing nv4500, np241, etc.

I have had no luck with any junk yards in my area. Can you suggest one that might have something? Anywhere in PA would be good.

Any idea what a fair price would be?

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