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OBO I need to get rid of this stuff. i have 2 weeks or my sister inlaw will kill me.

1994 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Cummins Diesel 4X4

Heavy duty transfer NP 241 DHD case: $750 sold
Dash ring: $45
Doors: $125/each sold
Fenders: $75/each
Radio: $25
Seats: $100 sold
Headlights: $40/each
Axle Rear: $950
Axle Front: $950
Hood: $125 sold
Bed: $500 Has retractable 5th wheel hitch
Bumpers: $150/each
Motor: $3000 SOLD
Transmission: $1300 SOLD
Steering wheel: $25
Air bag: $75
Tires and rims: $350 SOLD
Visors: $20/pair
Radiator: $100 SOLD
Inter-cooler SOLD
Rear glass: $50
Tow hitch: $150

Any other parts you might want just make and offer. I am open to Best Offer

Also have:
-Rear aluminum 4x4 housing for a dodge nv4500
-A GM NV4500 4x4 and clutch components
-350 TBI with computer
-208 t-case


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not much a gm one has a 1 1/8 input shaft and a dodge has a 1 1/4 input shaft. Its only a 1/8 difference, no big deal. The GM NV4500 that I have has all the parts need for a conversion from auto to manual I am asking $1300 for the set up. Namely clutch petal, bellhousing, fork, throw out bearing, master and slave cylinder, and the lines. Its the chevy 93 with the low first gear! 6.32:1

The t-case i have will not work with it. But you can get gm 205 case anywhere and cheap too and good, its all gear driven.

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the early lower ratio chevy cases have a differnent bellhousing mount, also the dodge 22t input will not work with this trans. there are also may slight differences in the reverse idiler gears between the early chevy nv4500 and the dodge hdnv4500 versions.

to mate a np205 to a chevy nv4500 you either need to use a long 32spline input 205 with a spacer, or you use a short 32spline input and you have to notch out the tcase mount to clear the 205s low range shift rail
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