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I have been doing alot of searching, but I will still need advise from the pros. I want to put a 4bt in my 1977 Scout Terra. It has SOA, dana 44s front and rear with 3.54 gears, dana 20 transfer case and 33" tires. I would like to do my swap using a T19 or turbo 400. Overdrive would likely blow my budget since I will have to sell my other scout to buy the engine/step van.

These are my thoughts. Please let me know if these would work or if I am wrong.

-If I use a Ford T19, I could install a Scout T19 output shaft/transfer case adaptor/transfer case. I would have to fabricate clutch linkage.

-If I use the Chevy Turbo 400 that would likely come with the engine, I could install an output shaft from a Wagoneer Turbo 400 (which was mated to a dana 20). Then I could use my stock transfer case and automatic shifter.

-I read that the 4bt flywheel housing is drilled and tapped for SAE #4 bell housings. I also read that Scouts with the SD33 Nissan diesel used an SAE #4 bell housing on their T19. So I should be able to use this bellhousing and use a factory Scout transmission and transfer case without having to fab clutch linkage? This would be my prefered setup if it would work.

What do you guys think? I would rather have a 4 speed over an auto.
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