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I recently got my hands on a decent 2000 ranger 4x4. It has the 3.0 v6 engine. I plan to use this as my receiving patient.

As this is my first swap, I will be taking my sweet time and don't plan to rush. I want to plan, plan and then when I think I got it all covered, plan some more. Here's what I got cooked up so far and please chime in with any and every bit of help and advice you can offer.

Base: 2000 ranger 4x4 ext cab

Lift: 3in body lift

Engine: 4bt (beat the s*** out of pan to fit) also need to know part number for adapter plate for 47rh transmission. And for billet flexplate

Injector pump: p7100 w/ all the freebie mods (adjustments)

Turbo: hx30w w/ manifold (part #4984697), mounted top

Intercooler: definitely would want one, need advice here for setup and plumbing

Transmission: 47rh 4x4 w/ compushift mini

4x4 selector switch: no idea, I don't have the awesome floor shifter....

Transfer case: open to suggestions.... Dodge again I would assume.... Perhaps 241?

Trans crossmembers: fabricate my own like I did engine mount plates.... Use rubber isolators, unless there is a simpler solution. I'm all ears.

Front axel: some kind of swap (Dana series)

Rear axel: explorer rear end w/ 3.31

Engine mounts: custom plates use ranger mounts

Starter: I heard I could use as factory 94-96 starter from a dodge 2500, may need a part number so I have the proper starter. Clearance issues???

Fuel lines: 1/2 feed, 3/8 return

Fuel: try to use ranger stock tank w/ wix33427 filter

Air intake: ah1141 filter, to suggestions

Oil filter: lf334

Powersteering: 2500 PS/vacuum setup

Vacuum pump: look above

Alternator: open to suggestions

A/c and heat: use components from ranger as they work good as it is. Will probably need bracket setup from member CrewCab59

Brakes: depends on axel swap upgrade but always open to advice, I hear stock will hold up but might upgrade to disc or even hydroboost

I'm sure I'm forgetting something things but this is off the top of my head. Please give any insight and information. Hoping to make it look very factory like.

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