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Minimum posting requirement before SELLING in the Classifieds.

You MUST have a minimum of 10 posts and be a registered user for more than 20 days before you can list ANY item for sale.

Sorry, those are the rules. See the info in the "Announcement" in the Classifieds. This rule was Established by “Dieselcruiserhead” who owns the 4BT Swap Forum.

ALSO NOTE: Posting WORTHLESS POSTS such as starting a thread which contains posts such as "post 2, post 3" with no other reason than increasing your post count is considered as FORUM ABUSE and when discovered will result in your ad being deleted by an administrator and your post count reset to ZERO!

"Want to buy" (WTB) ads are exempt from the 10 post / 20 day rule. Those items may be listed in our Want to Buy section: NOT THE GENERAL CLASSIFIEDS!

Posting a "FOR SALE" ad in the "Want To Buy Section" will result in that ad being immediately deleted. It will be at the Moderator's or Administrator's discretion as to the final location of the misplaced ad.


1. You are engaged in a business and choose to join as a “VENDOR”. As a VENDOR you can feel free to post and sell items as you see fit. There is also a special section for you if you would like to advertise your business, the "Vendor's Showcase" - it can lead to a lot of good business as this is the primary web site for people looking to purchase 4BTs and 4BT related parts. Should you choose to join 4BT Swaps as a vendor you can sign up here:
2. You purchase a premium "Blue Star" Membership available by: clicking here.

NOTE: Contact our site owner dieselcruiserhead by private mail or by email at [email protected] if you buy a membership and your membership star does NOT appear.

Your General Location & PRICE:
Your general location, such as NE Texas or north central Mississippi, or your hometown & state as examples. Your asking price assumed to be in UNITED STATES DOLLARS (unless otherwise specified), or "want to trade" or "want to buy" as it applies.

Use common sense BEFORE you start a transaction. Be cautious if you post a "WANTED" ad and a new member with a zero total post count offers that item to you. This could be somebody who's only purpose is to either dump an item that may not meet your expectations or even worse somebody who is plotting a scam. Google their member name and see if they are also dumping items on other forums. Check their records to see if they have scammed somebody in the past. In most cases they are legitimate however the Craigslist scammers are branching out and could end up here on the forum.

CRAIGSLIST and EBAY links are in general considered as a Classified Ad and should be placed in the CLASSIFIEDS Section.
The above mentioned minimum posting requirement, Vendor requirement for advertising outside of the Classifieds, and the price discussion rule applies to placing a link to an item for sale on any other website.

The ""What's it worth" posts are too often a back door method of showing up on a website and offering something for sale. When found postings of a questionable nature may be deleted by the moderators at their discretion.

EFFECTIVE 04/18/2009 Daily thread bumping of any "Classified Ad" consisting of a single post by the seller with "bump" "ttt" or any other single post for the sole purpose of exposure is now PROHIBITED. For example; If you have had an item listed for sale at a price that is 800% higher than what the same item has already recently sold at, the chances are either there are few or no readers that are either interested in your item or your listed price so frequent bumping for exposure will NOT change things. The only result of daily thread bumping is the annoyance created for the MODERATOR who is now reading the thread for the purpose of marking it as "SOLD" which is for everybody's benefit. This ALSO APPLIES to bumping an ACTIVE THREAD with posting activity of less than a week old. [ADDED 05/27/12]=> CREATIVE BUMPING to add bits and pieces to the original posting just to bring it back up to the top is also prohibited. Examples include but are not limited to adding things such as "I still have this" ; "Any offers" ; "Also have the [mating part name] to go with this" ; "I might consider [Item name] as an partial trade" These comments should be added to the original post by USING THE EDIT OPTION.
PRICE REDUCTIONS pertaining to thread bumping: Insignificant price reductions for bumping purposes:
Example: You have an advertised item listed at $1,000 and you drop the price to $995 & then add a new post to the thread as "PRICE REDUCED". In general, anything less than a 5% reduction isn't going to increase the chances of selling an item.



EFFECTIVE Jan 14, 2013:

Unless you are a Vendor, you cannot post replies to another person's thread in the General Classifieds, Vehicles For Sale, Want To Buy, or Misc Stuff For Sale sections of the board. ALL communications to the seller should be performed via other channels (Private Message, email, telephone, etc.) This means Sellers need to make sure their inbox on the board works (not full, etc.) and/or include alternate contact information in their postings.

Everyone may still post
replies / inquiries to threads in the Vendor Showcase section.

Failure to comply will result in your ad being unapproved or deleted.

Upgrading your membership to a "BLUE STAR MEMBERSHIP" after selling multiple or high dollar items is encouraged but not currently required. Our "CLASSIFIEDS SECTIONS" are free for advertising by individual members. We provide a FREE place for you to sell your left over parts which could help with another members needs. If you are engaged in an automotive business we request you buy a "VENDOR RED STAR MEMBERSHIP" We usually provide the initial space for a vendor qualified member to "Test the waters" to see if what they may be offering has a viable market here on the forum. Repeated "testing the waters" types of posted ads are closely monitored and will result in a contact to you by one of our Administrators of the forum. Remember this site does NOT and will NEVER operate without having expenses paid by the site's owner, therefore contributions in the form of buying a membership is encouraged.

Your continued cooperation and support is appreciated!
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