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Our Power Driven Injectors utilize premium components to ensure long life and reliable performance. In this line we offer a large amount of performance customization. We can put any angle on the injector nozzel you want. We also do all the performance mods such as needle work, body machining and edge filter removal. If you are in need of a high performance custom injector give us a call, or go check out our website.

The Injectors I run In Frankenstein are a Power Driven, 5 X.025 with needle work, body machining and edge fliter removal. They feature a 150º spray angle which allows me to easily run 30º timing and still idle and start up smoothly. I also have them polished but that doesn't really make it that much faster.

We also offer smaller injectors in our premium line. If you want something that will last for a long long time in a more sane 5 X.010 we can do that too.
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