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Here are the relevant parts from a 4BD1T manual for the fuel injection pump R&R, including bleeding system, checking the timing, and adjusting the timing.


Edit: removing the power steering pump make replacement easier (end edit)


Check IP Timing:

Timing the IP:
Edit: to advance timing, the top of the injection pump is rotated away from the engine, i.e. CCW looking at the IP from in front of the engine (end edit)

Figure 7:

Figure 8:

Figure 9:

Figure 10:

Figure 11:

Figure 12:

Figure 13:

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Some hints that I pulled from my thread on IH8MUD....Credit to longbow and doug720.

To remove if its in the truck:
- Do not need to drain oil from engine
- Used long extension with a universal to the inside IP bolts
- "I had to twist the pump out and back in from the gear sets which makes it easy to get a tooth off on reinstall." - Doug
- "Open up the little timing window cover and rotate the engine until the timing mark is dead on the pointer and then remove the pump. Try and make a witness paint mark or something on the IP drive gear location after you remove it so you can put it in the same spot when you re-install the IP so that it will be back to dead on the pointer when it is bolted back up." - longbow
- Remove the rear bracket off the IP to make re-install easier and then put the mount back on once it was positioned correctly and bolted up front.
- "Getting the pump out is tricky and takes some jockeying around to get it out of there." - longbow
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