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This is a bread van I have converted to a basic motorhome. It is currently sporting a viscious 87hp White-Hercules D2300 that replaced the straight six in the late 80's. Thank you wonder bread!

I can no longer stand the T-19 ratios although its a great tranny The engine is hellish reliable, gets 20 mph wherever I travel and cannot outrun a stock sixties VW van. Its dangerously underpowered.

Does anyone have a 2WD or 4WD ZF-5 from a 300 six that I can wrangle into this puppy? I could use the low ratios of a transfer case because I boondock a lot and somehow this rig has a soe sort of limited slip.

I realize this swap is in the opposite direction of what most of you ae used to and that the darn white-Hercules swap that Wonder Bread performed was somewhat common yet is confusing the mantter a bit. I could really use a ZF-5 and/or some other engine.

I am in the Eugene Oregon area but stand ready to travel to obtain some drivetrain components that can solve this quandry I am in. I welcome any and all suggestions. Thanks for your time
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