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Everyone need to read the following thread, especially the newer members. So far today at least two have been violated today:

We do NOT read 100% of the postings on the forum and I get absolutely zero pleasure at yelling at people.

Phishing to do intentional or unintentional listing to offer items for sale.

If you have residual items that you purchased when you bought a donor vehicle or the old gasser parts from the vehicle you are building it is considered improper to start offering the residual parts for sale anywhere other than the Classifieds Section. You are however permitted to note that you have that item listed in the Classifieds in your build thread but it is expected of you NOT to have an ongoing discussion about what you have listed there. It MUST be listed in the Classifieds BEFORE it is mentioned in any other thread.

What's it worth threads.

If you have an item that you bought as a parts group but you now do not need some of the parts then you should list them in the Classifieds Section. You already know what you paid for the parts group. You have already made an allowance for what you thought the parts that you used were worth. You have already looked through the Classifieds on here and other forums, you checked Craigslist, and you searched on EBay. It doesn't take a rocket scientist with a calculator to figure out what your remaining parts are worth. 99 percent of the recently deleted posts were from new members not wanting to participate in the forum to meet the minimum post requirements + the minimum time or wanting to become a contributing fund member by buying a membership to post an item as a back door sale. The just want to show up and say "they have a part for sale" or "may have a part for sale" but have absolutely no idea on what it's worth. If this makes me a "price nazi" for enforcing the rules then so be it! This rule has been in effect since 2007 and will be in place until it is revoked by the site owner who established it in the first place.

The "DO YOU WANT TO SELL THE ..........?"

This is usually placed buy members wanting to buy something indicated as not going to be used due to a change of plans. These inquiries should be placed as either PRIVATE MAIL or as an EMAIL and never in a build thread or any other thread outside of the Classifieds Section. These questions in general only result in rules violations to the thread originator and the requester. In other words if you need something then by all means post a WANTED AD in the Classifieds Section.

The site rules are found in the various "stickys" through out the forum.

Your cooperation is expected and appreciated!

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Confusion over sales classifieds etc.

If your comment over sales was aimed at me, I just joined today.
My first diesel swap was in 1981. My intent was to search
through this forum for info on mounts and other information
for a simultaneous 4bt conversion into my 1978 dodge d150
and 1984 chevy k20 suburban using a 1986 4bt powered chevy/
grumman-olson step van and a 1993 dodge d250 pickup donor
vehicles. The 4bt gets the dodge's a518 set up and the 6bt gets
the van's t400 setup. Past swaps have shown the value of using
others knowledge / past trials and errors. I typed in "classified"
in the search box looking for a 1989-1990 dodge ps/vac pump setup
and when found someone looking to swap, made an offer to do so.
If this was a violation then I am sorry. Also, your search filter/
engine setup could use revamp as typing in specific search requests
provides very vague responses causing long manual seaching - just a
suggestion. Mark

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Offering an item for sale or trade outside the classifieds section is a violation, unless you have a Vendor Red Star. Your best option in this case would have been to offer a trade via the Private Messaging system.

As far as search goes: Yes, the one that comes with vBulletin isn't all that one could hope (though I've found that using the Advanced option in search works a little bit better). We've looked at alternatives, and might implement one at some time in the future. Unfortunately, many of the alternatives cost money and things like hosting expenses have to come first. Or, they want to shove a cubic furlong of advertising down your throat with each search attempt as part of the plan.

However, if you read a bit in the FAQ / Stickies at the top of this section, you'll find there's another way that works pretty well:

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These rules are for others. To dig through conversations on buying and selling to find the hidden nugget of info is more tedious than obscure searce engines. Thus "Your best option in this case would have been to offer a trade via the Private Messaging system."
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