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I'm sure you guys have answered these questions hundreds of times before, so I'm sorry for that.

That being said, I have been thinking for a while now about getting a truck, and dropping a diesel in it to run veggie oil through it so I can stop paying these gas prices. :idea: After doing a fair amount of research, I have decided that the Cummins 4BT would be the best option for this application. Good torque, good gas efficiency, and simple mechanical operations (no computers) and the conversion itself seems on the easier side. I would like to drop one in an older Ford, between the years 1970-1986.

I would like to know how hard of a conversion is this? there someone like that supplies motor mounts for the 4BT, or do you have to fabricate them yourself?

Also, which Ford Manual Transmissions will bolt up, or can easily be converted to bolt up?

What would be the best way to find an engine? Old Frito Lay trucks in junkyards, or is there a better place to get a halfway decent engine. What is a good price range, from "needing a rebuilt" to "rebuilt and runs."

Has anyone run veggie oil through these engines? If so, how does it perform and hold up? I would assume that you might loose a little power and mileage with veggie oil, but the price difference would be enough to justify that for me.

Is there any other place I can find even more information about this type of conversion?

Thanks everybody, any help would be appreciated. I'm hoping this will be the first step into doing this conversion myself. :D
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