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It's very drivable and economic under normal vehicle load conditions. I'm at slightly higher full fuel screw settings and with a CPL767 (same base H.P.) with Bosch 190's, 6BT intake diameters, HY35W. Don't know the fuel economy yet but that will be greatly affected by how far you are from (above) the peak torque point at your highway speeds. I cannot settle for best MPG, i.e. peak torque point at highway speeds because I tow loads and require good throttle response under those conditions. I see my HY35W really do it's rapid spoolup at 2,000 rpm and above.
The turbo model is going to have an influence on the acceleration and that is not at best torque point on that curve but at a higher RPM for me and I suspect most of the other turbo models. You have to get input from the H1C users if thats what you plan on using.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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