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I swapped a dana44 from a 88 wagoneer into my 97 wrangler.
Everything looks great except for 3 things.

The track bar I ordered seems to be too short. I have about 6" of lift on the jeep. The track bar I ordered is adjustable. But it doesn't adjust out far enough.
Here's a link.
I'm willing to buy another one. I read after the fact that these RC ones are junk. To be honest if I can get one that's not adjustable but is correct I'd rather do that.

Next the track bar also interferes with my steering stabilizer mount on the tie rod. I was wondering if there's a way to resolve that issue easily? Can I mount it differently or use a different stabilizer setup?

The last thing is I think my drag link seems like it may be a bit too short. I feel like the adjustment sleeve is only threaded maybe .5" on each side. I'd like to have a longer one if thats available.

Let me know if you have these parts or can recommend something.
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