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ive compiling info on a swap for a very long time read every post on here probably twice. ive seen a lot of intricate and very expensive swaps. my question starts with, to do simple and cheap build and of course buying an entire stepvan and of course buy a ford stepvan if swapping into a ford and chevy p30 for a chevy application. cant you get all parts you need right from the stepvan like moter mounts with some fab work needed, hydroboost for brakes,exhaust parts trans can be used if two wheel drive . and then after the swap is completed you can add a 5 speed or od auto or put on 5 in exhaust etc. well mainly i want to know if most parts of the stepvan can be used. for instance the ford stepvans are a e-350 van chassis so if you are swapping into a ford van, wont most items work perfectly except of course anything that is different because of the bodies.. thanks for any help
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