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I'm in need of a full-size vehicle, good fuel mileage (20+ MPG), occasional pulling (nothing too heavy), room for at least 6 passengers, and 4x4 capability.

For room and 4x4 I figured that I need to go SUV (vs. van). A 4 door, Tahoe/Yukon/Expedition size would be about right.

For mileage and pulling (and other of reasons besides) I'd like to go diesel.

Problem is that the Suburbans are too long for my application (maneuverability), but I need four doors and the Tahoe class diesels don't come in 4door (to my knowledge).

Because of this I was considering a conversion of a gas-burner 4door Tahoe (mid-late 90's) to a diesel. My preference is a Cummins and I've been looking all over the diesel boards about how to go get this done.

After reading a lot of different stories, I've been wondering if it might be easier to find a Dodge truck, increase the rear-diff ration (maybe even swap trans if necessary) to get better mileage, and drop the Tahoe body on it?

I guess if this won't work, finding a 2500 Tahoe would be the easiest to use in doing a conversion to a Cummins??

If all else fails, maybe I can just put a 6.2 Chevy in the Tahoe... there are some available that have come out of CUCV HUMVEEs....

Any ideas?

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Forget the 6.2....they are junk.

If you find a 4l80e truck, you can use the bread van parts to bolt a 4bt or 6bt in your tahoe. The 4bt would be easier from a fitment standpoint just due to size, but the 6 should also work. If you search ebay there is also a company that offers this conversion.

You will probably need a custom built converter for the 4l80e, but I am sure you can find a convertor shop to handle this.

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I have done them as well as the burban,both burbs were 1/2 tons with 5.9 and 3.42 gear he getting 20 mpg with a 47rh dodge auto.

They make nice conversions.

The diesel tahoe were only in two doors,none was offered in 4 doors.

I wouldn't waste my time on the body swap or the 6.2 ,go with the Cummins and be done with it.

I should be startin on my wifes 99 Tahoe late next year !

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