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TH400 2wd trans to 4wd

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Have any of you guys that have purchased the P-30 Frito Vans for the motor, adapted the trans to a "mated" Trans/T-case combo(prefer the 205)? What is involved? Expensive? Is the TH400 worth the conversion? I'm trying to decide whether I should be looking for a 727/205 setup for the Ramcharger that I'm gearing up to build?
What do you think?

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If you really wanted to use the TH400 transmission your best bet would be to find a "core" 4wd 400 transmission with the proper transfer case attached. This would give you an economical output shaft & tailhousing. Then you would have to dismantle the P30 transmission just about down to the case and install the "core" supplied shaft & tailhousing. Then you will still need to figure out what you are going to do for the crossmember, drive shafts, and shifters. I think the 727/205 from behind a 6BT could be a bit easier and possibly cheaper. Check your local prices before you you make your final decision.
You need a new tailshaft and the adapter. The tailshaft isn't bad, but those adapters are getting pricey. It's an easy swap, the whole thing is supported by the adapter foot, so the crossmember is easy.

But yeah, the Dodge stuff can probably be had cheaper. :)
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