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Had the truck towed home for work so I could do some other stuff to it while this quarantine is going on. Wanted to get the wiring straightened out and cleaned up.

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Pulled the engine harness and the Baumann Controller wiring from the truck.

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Separated the harness and started removing old tape and crusty wiring looms. I may of got in over my head though with the mess the previous owner left me. Miscellaneous wires that are cut and wired into other wires. It's a mess. Finding information on what wires I can remove has been a difficult task as well.

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Looks familiar it's only 5 or 6 months since I did my 96. One of the best places to find wiring diagrams was AutoZone website, enter your vehicle then go to repair helps, then wiring diagrams. Actually wasn't to bad but just sit down and do it in one shot and don't get sidetracked unless you don't lose your train of thought as easy as I do.
To make for a clean factory look I started at the ecm and pulled everything I didn't need and completely removed those wires, there's not all that many left once you're done.
Can't really help with the 4l80e wiring tho as I used the nv4500.
Have fun.
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