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Tell your Dad he's probably right, lose the bet, and put a real transfer case in it. The 205 is one of the few things on your truck that will give you a-little piece of mind (bullit proof, unbreakable, indestuctable, never ever a concern).
Screw the extra weight. You or that 4bt won't ever notice any kind of a measurable difference in mpg or performance.
If you got the time and money to monkey around with less than the best and haven't got a problem with redoing it all later to make it right, by all means, stuff one of those alulamum jobies in it. I wouldn't get rid of the 205 though, you'll probably need it (more likely sooner than you would think and at the worst possible time) at some point in the future.
Didn't your Dad ever tell you to do it right the first time?

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