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I have a #4 bell housing for a Kubota V3300TE what are some of the options that I can work with. I think I will stay Manual.
From late 1975 until production ceased in 1980, International Harvester offered the Nissan SD-33 (and later the SD33T) diesel engine in the Scout series vehicles. In manual transmission versions, they used an SAE#4 transmission adaper that mated to an IH-pattern T-19 four-speed transmission.

The transmission was available in 2WD configuration or 4WD configuration (close coupled to a Dana 20 transfer case). IH offered the transmission in a wide ratio (6.32 / 3.09 / 1.68 / 1.00) or close ratio (4.02 / 2.41 / 1.41 / 1.00). IH did not offer an overdrive transmission in the Scout series vehicles.

I believe IH-Only offers a conversion kit that adapts the NV4500 to the IH transmission pattern and input. It should also be compatible with the IH/SAE#4 transmission adapter. That'd give you five forward gears with a 0.73:1 overdrive in fifth gear.

I'm sure that transmission configuration would bolt up to your engine. I don't know the compatibility of the Kubota flywheel for the clutch and pilot bearing... YMMV

I'd suggest you connect with someone who has the smoker Scout parts, and do some test fitting. Good Luck.

Regards, Mike Richards
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