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I agree with the replies. I contacted HTT [High Tech Turbo] and followed their advice, purchasing their Stage II compressor, which I think was 56cm. That will be used with my stock H1C 16cm exhaust. 16 will dump into full 4" exhaust with low restriction muffler, or maybe just a resonator.

This will give better boost, while keeping EGT's fairly low with 16 exhaust. I wanted better power but also low EGT towing capabilities. For more power without towing consideration you might want Stage III, and HTT can advise on a good setup. My stage II was only about $200 delivered, uses stock Holset parts, and converts H1C to HY35 as I recall? I need to call them to jog the memory as to what performance level Stage II provides, and haven't installed it yet either. Nice guys to deal with and a good reputation.
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