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have several turbos that are for sale
I lost a lot of motors in the fire here in Colorado and the projexcts are all on hold or recovery mode.

first is a he341

its 100 percent new!! I took a acarbide burr to it and began smoothing all the edges on it and removed all lettering then used cartridge rool etc to begin the process of polishing it.

I removed the housings while I did it and the center section was always in a bag away from grit.

I got distracted and never finished it I am selling the complete new zero miles turbo now for 735 obo will consider trades on p pump ve pump timing covers and other parts. one of my motors was burnt and needs almost a full new dress for the block intake timing pump valvecovers etc.

turbo 2 is a he221w or he221 its like a hx27 I am gonna call it mighty mini. if you have even a passing interest you will be liking this little guy from the stories you have heard about new aerodynamic changes it is the turbo they use on the 4.5 liter so it shouldn't choke your 3.9 and it flows air to make 205 hp on the 4.5 great for a single that has a limit to power goal. of say 220 or as a kickass twin setup.
any way these little jems are hard to aquire . has a minor ding in couple spots only one is near sealing surface shouldn't pose a problem.

6 cm wastgated cummins he221 has mwe inlet and internal gate 6 cm housing non divided
these are the new mini me hot ticket flow ina super small package much smaller than an hy30 but they flow more air and spool quicker.
using modern wheel designs these little guys pack a 200 hp punch that's a 16v head so it flows more air than a 8v but the little guy was designed for a 4.5 liter with better flowing head isb common rail 3.9 4.5. I got it for my 8v 3.9 since it can flow 200hp and my power goals have instant boost and 200 hp as a limit it seems the perfect turbo . I was also tempeted to make it a primary on a compound setup. make quick air to keep smoke in check with big power up top.

any way need cash to fix a blown transmission and fix my burnt motors my current bt is just sitting on an engine stand. so

this little guy has got to go I got it from a cummins rocky mountain guy they dropped it from a work bench into a bin of parts 2 feet lower than the bench and it has a chinga in the aluminum on the compressor side since it got marked up they sold it to me cheap

any way 850 takes it or best offer
I am in a hurry to get this transmission fixed so make me an offer I might take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or offewr trade I need ve and p pump stuff.

also have a used 80k mile h1c with divided 12cm housing it was on cpl986 120 hp motor with 16 cm and I got a new 12 cm its been zinc coating that lasts like ceramic coat. sell
it for 375 bucks obo
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