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VE pump not locked when removed

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Righto, I had to remove the VE pump to install a new keating tappet cover but forgot to lock the pump.
The IP gear is still in situ in the gear train & has not moved.
I got the engine to TDC prior to removing the pump, then when removing the pump off the mounting bolts, I heard something that sounded like it dropped on the inside of the front cover but as far as I can understand, the only things that could fall down there are the retaining nut & spring washer and the keyway.... all of which were removed and not lost.
When I went to reinstall the pump, the keyway would not line up with the gear, so now Im starting to think that sound was the pump unwinding or something like that. I have no idea, what direction it went or how far it may have spun/moved. I definitely did not rotate the IP shaft or the gear train at any point once I pulled the pump out.
How do I go now to rectify this?
Also note, I have no diesel shop specialist within 2hrs of where I live in Australia so can't just drop it off at the local pump shop to be redone.
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there is a static timing mark on the pump hat will enable you to lock the pump to reinstall close enough to get key and key way to mesh, you might need to reset timing but this will get you running with close to your initial timing.
the pics are 1st a 4bt pump from clp 767 the second is a 6bt from a bus the mark could also be a raised bar cast into pump case.
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I would be figuring out just what the noise that you heard was. The gear can鈥檛 jump teeth when in the case however, it does fall off the shaft and rest on the case when you take the pump out so perhaps that is what you heard? And of course that will cause a little bit of misalignment

Beauty of an engine bay you have, BTW.
You do not need to pin/lock a rotary pump when installing it in your case. Simply turn pump shaft to what ever location you like, to line up with pump gear and re-install. After pump gear is re-torqued, set your timing by the index mark on pump and index mark on gear cover. Most find timing is best at 1/8" ( pump index line 1/8" above gear index line ). Good starting point.
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