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Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone had one they would trade since keep going back and forth on the issue and if I could find a good deal I just think the p7100 6BT for my vehicle would be a better choice plus have the room for it. Also, near the point of being to far into project to switch so thought I would see if there was any interest before I hit that point. If you have a p7100 6BT and would consider working out some sort of trade deal just let me know.

Also, there is nothing wrong with motor and the previous person helping me with build recommended this 4BT, before I really knew much about diesels, solely due to being mechanical and less wiring on his part. However, after doing more research and talking to other people who did Cummins swaps on Military Hmmwv's, it just seems that the 6BT would be the better choice.

It's a 1999 p7100 4BT and can provide more info if interested.

Thank You
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