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I've been gearing up for this swap for several months. I have a complete good running 120hp 4bta with aftercooler in step van ready to be pulled and I'm about to pull the trigger on a very nice Bronco with the M5R2 trans, unfortunately it has the 302 V8, so I'll have to swap in the frame stands from a truck with the 300-6, and I'm pretty sure it'll have lower gearing than ideal (3.55, maybe), but I can deal with that in good time.

What I'm after is a road tripper that can cruise well on the interstate and get me to remote trailheads for backpacking/climbing excursions where roads won't be good and might be snowy, but I won't be mudding/crawling/etc. I'm looking for good MPGs, the ability to carry plenty of gear/friends, and the ability to tow my 17' Casita Camper (2300# dry) as I ramble around the western half of the continent. I'll run stock sized 31x10.5 tires.

This will be my first swap and I'm not looking to prove anything; I want simplicity. Please point out any holes in my plan here and make any suggestions on how I can plug said hole in the most simple, reliable way.

From what I've read, the driver-side frame stand isn't always swappable from one year model to the next. Can anyone confirm that the frame stands from a '96 model F-150 with the 300-6 will allow me to use the stock engine mounts from a ford 4bt repowered stepvan and the 1st gen Dodge Cummins isolators? I'm doing the swap at my stepdad's welding shop so if I have to absolutely have to fab something, I can do it, but I'd rather track down parts that are sitting in a yard somewhere than make new ones.

I have the Ford adapter plate to mount the engine straight up an down, flywheel, starter, etc. lined up for trade for my Chevy adapter stuff. So, I'm good here.

Power brakes:
I suppose the simplest thing to deal with power brakes is to use the mustang hydroboost stuff. Is this the best way to go, any drawbacks to this vs. adding a vacuum pump and using the stock bronco vacuum booster?

If I can get the stuff from a Cummins powered F-700/800 I'll run this, but i'm not too concerned with it at the moment, I'll add down the road.

Cooling system:
Stock Radiator, I'll search the threads for part numbers for hoses, unless someone knows what they used off the top of their heads

Dunno, something simple/scavenged, I'll copy what others have done here too.

Anything I'm missing, I don't think this is going to be too hard. ;)

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300 Frame stands from a 96 Ford pick-up will not work. The frame stands from my 93 F150 (300 m5r2) were not even close with the engine side mounts from a Ford step van. My brother had the same experience with an 89 2WD F150. There is a member that used the stock frame stands in an early 80's Ford, so I suspect that 80-86 300 Ford frame stands would allow for a bolt-in installation.

I have 3.55 gears and 29 inch tall tires, and I can cruise comfortably at 55-60 mph. I would guess that your 3.55 gears and 31 inch tires should be just about right.

I adapted the P30 hydroboost, it took around 4 hours of work and didn't cost me anything because I had all the parts I needed on hand.

For the radiator hoses, I used the upper hose from the P30 and I spliced 2 hoses together with a short length of pipe for the lower one.
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