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Keep in mind the VE is fuel lubricated, with this new dry fuel I think it will be an issue in pump life. Any modified VE pumped engine should have fuel pressure gauge to monitor, it is not unheard of to see presure drop to zero or just above at WOT runs.

Cummins spec after the fuel filter is Max. 10 psi and Min. 3 psi.

There are a lot of people running high horsepower VE pumped engines with no more than 20psi. Any more pressure than that you run the risk of fuel pushing the front seal out of the pump and fuel in the crankcase oil. Quite a few in the 300-500hp range Loctite red the front seal into the pump to keep it from pushing out and others running really high HP (500+) have made a retainer ring for the front seal and Loctite red the seals outer metal ring into the pump. Cummins LOW FLOW Piston Pump will keep you in the right fuel pressure range without the draw-down the diaphram pump has, there is a difference in Piston Type Pumps, High Flow and Low Flow. High Flow with a Min. 25psi will get you fuel in the oil.

There is a guy on TDR & DTR, BGilbert, his truck is approx. 475hp+ VE pumped. He runs an Aeromotive A1000 electric pump and Boost regulated AEI-13204. 1:1 boost/fuel regulated, simple effective set-up and not too pricey.

The Holley Black may not have a return provision, you need that or you can worry about seals again.
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