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Im looking at a 2001 boat with a 225hp. These have a less than stellar reputation among the boat crowd just as most any diesels in go fast boats. The biggest issue is dealer support and finding shops to work on them, it was rebadged as a cummins/mercruiser package.

It has an electric controlled Bosch injection pump.

Im wondering if i can't install a mechanical injection pump on her to make diagnostics much easier for the weekend wrench turner? We put 603 pumps on a 606, we make m-tdi engines. I do my own wrench turning other than outdrive rebuilds, I'd like to know i can keep this motor going for years to come.

I don't want to have plan for a bmw/lc yanmar or om606 swap the first time this thing leaves me calling for a sea tow.

Thanks ahead of time.
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