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Aftermarket Injectors can lower egt's at a given HP level. It is doubtfull they will lower egt's at WFO but can. They also can increase fuel mileage during nomal driving but definately not at WFO. If you are blowing smoke you are running rich and therefore hot, and wasting fuel. Aftermarket injector builders do alot of R&D with alot of dyno time. They get a better spray pattern from stagering spray angles and adding more holes to the tip. They dont just hog out a stock tip anymore. They start from scratch. I like EDM injectors. All of my experience is on my 2002 Dodge not a 4BT. I have run several sets of injectors and set ups on it. I currently get 18-20 mpg with a 7500 lb truck on 35's. I dynoed with 444HP/978TQ and drive the kids around with it everyday!:)

My 4BT will get a set of EDM's along with a upgrated turbo some day. First I got to get this thing in and going! Do some research and talk to some builders about what you want out of an injector. You want a more effiecient burn out of your fuel not just smoke.
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