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Hey everyone, this project is a '94 Xtra cab Toyota pickup. My plans for it include a 3-53 Detroit Diesel from a Gamma Goat, turbo, solid front axle, a custom outdoor camper bed (kind of like a Patriot camper, but a bed, not a trailer), external rollcage that will double as an air tank, NV4500 trans, NP203/205 doubler t-case (or an Atlas if I can ever afford one), aux. trans (debating between Roadranger and Gearvendor), Hydraulic pto, hydraulic powered welder/generator, rooftop tent, webasto air/water heater, Jake Brakes, air starter, etc, etc, etc.....

So at this point I have the front clip removed and the frame stripped forward of the cab, cut all the IFS bull**** off cause it was in the way of my starter, and I have the front axle/with the rear leafs on them installed. I took the GG bellhousing off of the SM465 and machined it to accept my NV4500. I got a hydraulic throwout bearing to handle the clutch.

My next step is going to be taking the rear leafs and rear axle off of my parts truck and putting them under the Yotergoat (the rear axles are the same, but both axles from the parts truck have lockright lockers in them and i want the Chevy leafs off of the parts truck anyways). Then I need to make engine mounts, trans crossmember, skidplates, put the front clip on, get drivelines made, and then it should be ready for the road, but far from done.

I will get pictures transfered from my phone to pc and post them soon.
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